Mikołaj Gurdała

Director of Innovation in the Northern and Central European region / Dyrektor ds. Innowacji w regionie Europy Północnej i Środkowej EIT Health InnoStars

Innovation and Regional Manager for North East Europe, EIT Health InnoStars Mikołaj Gurdała is an expert with extensive experience experienced in EU funds, technology transfer and R&D. He has considerable expertise of international affairs and cross-sectoral cooperation. With EIT Health, one of the biggest healthcare organisations in Europe, he is responsible for developing international joint ventures and innovative projects co-created with academia and industry partners. He was one of the founders of building in Europe so called InnoStars Region within the EIT Health organisation, with aims to develop digital health, medtech and biotech innovations in the emerging markets. Before joining EIT Health, Mikołaj Gurdała was a CEO and co-founder of Flavopharma, as well as being a director for Research, Strategies and Development at the Medical University of Łódź. Fields of expertise: supporting new ventures and start-ups in the ICT and life sciences sector, IP management and strategic development, change management, mentoring and coaching.


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