The Polish biotechnology sector may soon see dynamic development.. It is thanks to the American representatives of biobusiness, whom Poles will encourage to invest in our country. Americans have business know-how and a global market, we have good conditions for developing new biotechnologies. Both parties will benefit from the cooperation. The first American edition of CEBioForum begins today, November 16, in New York.

Professor Tadeusz Pietrucha the originator of the CEBioForum scientific and business event organized in Poland since 2000 has started a pioneering mission to create a strategic technological bridge (Polish-American Biotech Bridge) with American representatives of innovative biobusiness. The Polish-American biotechnological bridge is to stimulate dynamic development of this sector in Poland. The first edition of the American CEBioForum in New York will take place today, November 16. During the meeting with representatives of the American biobusiness the business model will be presented, which is to convince them to start business in our country.

Why Americans should be interested in investing in the country from across the ocean? First of all, such operations in Poland are much cheaper. This creates very good conditions for the development of the bio-tech industry and the implementation of modern technologies.

– Both parties will benefit from the cooperation. In Poland we have a relatively modern infrastructure, qualified staff that can carry out start-up projects at an American pace with good management, the possibility of obtaining grants to co-finance the most risky, initial stages of the development of an innovative biotechnological project  explains professor Tadeusz Pietrucha. Therefore, Poland can offer attractive conditions for doing business, Americans in turn – their experience in implementing innovative projects and access to global markets. Such cooperation may first of all contribute to a positive increase in the number of innovative biotechnological start ups created in Poland.

CEBioForum organizers try to involve, among others, American scientists of Polish origin in the process of their creation. To participate in CEBioForum in New York, American investors investing in innovative projects in the healthcare sector, scientists, especially of Polish origin, implementing research and development projects, representatives of American biotechnology companies with experience in creating and implementing new business initiatives have been invited.

In Poland, CEBioForum has an 18-year tradition. This year the organizers: Bio-Tech Consulting and 8B Team are taking this initiative beyond the borders of the European Union. The event is to take place cyclically, alternately in the USA and Poland. In this way the construction of a Polish-American biotechnological bridge will start. The development of innovative enterprises and attracting foreign investors is one of the basic assumptions of the Strategy for Responsible Development of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. The Polish government has set itself the task of creating friendly conditions for the creation of new companies. All this creates a very favorable climate and hope for a positive effect of the meeting and, as a result, the launch of Polish-American biotechnological projects in our country.