CEBF Award 2019

During CE BioFroum 2019 the Central European BioForum

BioForum AwardsCBF

will be awarded

The BF Award is a CEBioForum life science competition for the most innovative companies in the biotech sector. The aim of the competition is to expose those biotechnological companies and people from Central Europe who are at the forefront of innovation, including through the implementation of ambitious research and development projects. It is also important whether these companies are able to commercialize projects and with what effect. The aim of the competition is to select true leaders in the biotechnology sector of our region.

The awards will be granted in four categories:

Leader of the market

Leader R&D


Individual Prize

Individual Prize Laureates of previous years (Master of Innovation):

HiProMine is a Polish start-up dealing with unusual technology – the use of insects to process organic matter.
Bioavlee – an innovative technology company operating in the field of laboratory diagnostics IVD (in vitro diagnostics)
Celon Pharma – a Polish pharmaceutical company, conducting advanced scientific research and manufacturing modern medicines
Proteon Pharmaceuticals – a Polish biotechnology company, engaged in the development of products based on bacteriophages. They are used to treat farm animals as an alternative to antibiotic therapy.
Lipid Systems – a Polish company, conducting work on new pharmaceutical forms of existing active substances(generics)

The details of the Central European BioForum Award competition are included in the Terms & Conditions.


Jacek Szwajcowski

Jacek Szwajcowski

Founder, President of the Management Board / Założyciel, Prezes Zarządu Pelion S.A.

Robert Koprowski

Robert Koprowski

Professor at the University of Silesia / Profesor Uniwersytetu Śląskiego, ekspert NCBR/expert form NCRD

Tadeusz Pietrucha

Tadeusz Pietrucha

representative of the organizer / przedstawiciel organizatorów CEBioForum

Michał Śmiechowicz

Michał Śmiechowicz

Departament Prezydenta Urzędu Miasta Łodzi

Mikołaj Gurdała

Mikołaj Gurdała

Director of Innovation in the Northern and Central European region / Dyrektor ds. Innowacji w regionie Europy Północnej i Środkowej EIT Health InnoStars

*committee of the competition may be change


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Application Company / Person / Institution:

Short justification of the application

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