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Polish-American Biotech Bridge – the idea of building a biotechnological bridge between the United States and Poland, initiated in 2018. The purpose of the Polish-American biotechnological bridge is to stimulate a dynamic development of this sector in Poland. The objective of the Central European BioForum is to present Polish biotechnological sector to foreign investors and encourage their engagement. Americans have the business know-how that our domestic startups lack and access to the global market. Poland, on the other hand, offers good conditions for the development of new biotechnologies: we have a relatively modern infrastructure and qualified staff who are able to carry out start-up projects at an American pace. Poland’s unique advantage for foreign investors is also the possibility of obtaining grants to co-finance the riskiest initial stages of the development of an innovative biotechnological project. As a result, if the project fails, the investor’s financial losses are much smaller. Americans are leaders in bringing new, innovative biotechnology products to the market. Using their knowledge, contacts and experience in this area will significantly accelerate the development of this sector in Poland. First of all, it may contribute to a dynamic increase in the number of innovative biotechnological start-ups created in our country.
As part of the Polish-American Biotech Bridge, two CEBioForum conferences will be held every year: the Polish edition in Łódź and the American edition (in 2019 in Boston).


our story

CEBioForum has a long tradition. The first event was held in 2000 (previously under the name Bio-Forum) in Łódź at the initiative of professor Tadeusz Pietrucha, a biotechnologist, associate professor of the Medical University in Łódź. The idea of CEBioForum is to support start-ups and modern technologies in the field of natural sciences. The event is accompanied by trade fairs and conferences, which facilitate the establishment of business contacts and are an opportunity to present the offer of companies and institutions of the biotechnology industry. In 2006, after the next edition of Bio-Forum, the idea of implementing a pilot project MicroIncubator of Biotechnology Companies appeared. The project was carried out together with a partner – Medical Biology Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Łódź. The MicroIncubator was launched on 17 December 2007. The popularity of the event grows witch each edition. The jubilee edition of Bio-Forum in 2010 was attended by more than 1500 participants from 20 countries and more than 100 exhibitors. Between 2012 and 2013, the organizers of the event moved CE BioForum first to Brno and then to Budapest. Finally, in 2016, the Biotechnology Forum returned to Łódź. Starting from 2018, there will be two editions of the event: Polish and American.

2000 – the first edition of Bio-Form was created on the initiative of professor Tadeusz Pietrucha and Bio-Tech Consulting Ltd

May 10 – 11 May 2001
the second edition of the event under the slogan “Polish Biobusiness as a Partner of International Enterprises” was an extension of the business-science conference formula and was held in on May

20-21 May 2002 Łódź

20-21 May 2004 r.,

19-20 May 2005 r.,
Łódź (under the name Biotechnology and Biobusiness Fare)

19-20 October 2006,Łódź – as a result of Bio-Forum, a pilot project MicroIncubator of Biotechnology Companies

15-16 May 2008, is created, Łódź – over 120 exhibitors

3-5 June 2009, take part in the Biotechnology and Biobusiness Fair organized as part of BioForum, Łódź – the event is attended by over 800 participants – representatives of 10 countries, 60 exhibitors, 230 business meetings are held as part of BioPartnering

19-21 May 2010, Łódź – the tenth jubilee edition of Bio-Forum, which was attended by over 1500 participants from 20 countries and over 100 exhibitors.

11-12 May 2011, ŁŁódź – special guest of the event was Thomas Zioncheck (Genentech; Global Head, Business Development for Neuroscience, Ophthalmology, and Research Tools & Technology)23-24

23-24 May 2012, Brno – the first edition,
which took place outside Poland

23 May 2013,Budapest – signing a cooperation agreement between Polish Biotech Association and Hungarian Biotech Association

28-29 May 2014, Łódź – the edition with the participation of the honorary guest: professor Ada Yonath, winner of the Nobel Prize in chemistry. The special guest was G. Steven Burrill (CEO, Burrill & Company)

20-21 May 2015 Wroclaw event with the participation of Franklin Pitcher Johnson jr. (well-known American investor, co-founder of Amgen, Biogen Idec)

9-10 May 2016, – as part of Bio-Forum – a Polish-Israeli forum was held with the participation of investors from Israel

17-18 May 2017, Łódź – During CE BioForum a meeting with American investors CE – USA Business Forum took place.

23-24 May 2018 r. Łódź – the edition under the
Honorary Patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda.

16-17 November 2018 r, New York – the first American edition of CE BioForum began the construction of a strategic biotechnological bridge between Poland and the USA

15-16 May 2019, Łódź – an event in a new formula (during the 19th CE BioForum there will be a fair gathering investor, pharmaceutical companies, medical and laboratory equipment manufacturers; a scientific and business conference, a start-up competition and an award
ceremony for the most innovative companies). CE BioForum is co-organized by 8B Team from Łódź. Continuation of the idea of a strategic bridge between Poland and the USA, thanks to the invitation of representatives of American biobusiness.

2019, Boston